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Gemstone - Rosin

With the development of Lapis rosin I started to test the gemstone as additions to the rosin. In this way, more experiments with additions of rock crystal, aquamarine and tourmaline have arisen.

These rosins have a very fine quality, which lead the sound experience into the range of the singing. I now offer this test pieces for testing in as part of the test kits, such as those offered in the shop:

  • For Violin and Viola: rock crystal and tourmaline.
  • For Cello: aquamarine and tourmaline.
  • For Double bass: Lapis V and Lapis VI

Liebenzeller Rosin

The Liebenzeller Metall-Kolophonium is produced in focussed handwork on the basis of pure larch resin, to which selected metals are added in a meditativ process under consideration of cosmic rhythms.

The rhythmic treatment creates a rosin, which gives light and warmth to the sounds produced with it. In this way the musician is supported in a special way to make audible the emotional qualities in the music.

The special sound characteristics can be further developed by the selection of the metal addition. This creates a variety of sound colors, so that the character of the instrument with its own  can be more clearly expressed.

The Liebenzeller metal rosin has been produced in the Black Forest for 40 years. It is based on many years of development and research, which began in the violin building workshop of Dr. Franz Thomastik and was differentiated by Renate Schmidt.

Dr. Thomastik and his friend  Ludwig Kremling realized an idea to produce the rosin so that the light quality of the larch resin remains alive, so that it can be experienced while playing music. Thus a sound can come to appear, which can touch the human being deeply in his soul.

With great awareness and devotion I, Hansgünter Kraushaar, continue this work with great commitment. Thus, through experiments with precious stones, I have been able to develop new rosins which lead the sound experience into the range of the vocal.

All this is done with the aim of offering a rosin, which will make a essentiel contribution to enhancing the sound quality.


The characteristics of the Liebenzeller rosin are:

  • easy and consistent articulation
  • reduction of background noise
  • easily and better differentiable bow guide
  • relative tolerance towards humidity and temperature fluctuations,
  • low formation of dust
  • very economical use
  • good tolerability at rosin allergy


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